I teach people how to activate self-worth, build confidence, & reach their highest potential  

Meet Savana 

Author and Self-development expert

Once upon a time I was a medical assistant with thoughts of pursing a higher career as a physician assistant. I always was inspired to help people, but it taken me some time to pin point in what exact way.  After separating from my daughters father, I discovered a long-lost love I had for writing. This time writing was more meaningful, I was in the beginning of my self-love journey, and I began writing my first book "Flowers Grow Out of My Grave." I wanted to write a book that will be a guide, and a light of healing to others out in the world that encountered the same circumstances I have overcome. Bills still needed to get paid so I kept my job in healthcare. But, after 5 years of working in the medical field I kept having the same unfulfilling feeling. I was burned out, my priorities shifted, my desires changed, and I craved a career to still fulfill my passion in helping people, but give me freedom and never ending personal/ professional fulfillment.


What I Can Help You With:



Develop a

Self-Care System  Prioritizing YOU

Adopt New Healthy Habits

 Develop a Growth Mindset

Create a Personalized Master Plan to Achieve Your Goals

"I have seen their ways, but I will heal them. I will guide them and reward them with comfort. And for those who mourn, I will create reason for praise: utter prosperity to those far and near, and I will heal them." - Isaiah 57:18-19


If you are feeling unfulfilled & you pretend your life is great, but feels like crap in real life,
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