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Updated: Apr 17

There is something we can be thankful for everyday. We often focus on the things we do not have, over looking the blessings we do.

It has been two weeks and I finally been able to walk again. I won’t get into the reason yet as to why I could not walk but, I was on crutches for two weeks and it was the least exciting time of my life. Growing up I have injured myself many times but, I have never broken any bones or hurt myself to the intent where I was unable to function and perform normal daily activities. I barely went outside for the first week unless I really needed to, but for somebody who is always on go mode, it was hard for me to sit still and do nothing. Life can be funny like that sometimes, God had plans for me to sit still and reflect and if my foot was not injured, I probably would not have been able to alter my life the way I am now. During this small bump in the road, I have come to the realization that I have been taking many of the smallest blessings for granted.

It truly got me to thinking about how many little things we have in our lives that we can have more gratitude for. Something as simple as walking became something I wanted so much again once the privilege was taken away from me. I never used to sit and just think about how grateful I should be that I was given two legs, two feet, and was in good health to be able to walk. It was a sudden awakening that allowed me to open my eyes to see all that I already have in my life. It is sad that we only begin to be more thankful when we no longer have the things, we should have always been thankful for in the first place.

Sometimes God will take the things we don't appreciate away from us to open our eyes. I have been in so many dark places mentally in my life, but one thing I can say is that there was always at least one blessing I could have been grateful for. We often get caught up in wanting the next best thing, focusing on everything we do not have vs what we do have presently. Everyday god wakes us up with the ability to breathe, that is a small miracle that we can learn to not take for granted. During my days of laying up and resting my foot, it got me thinking of all the ways I want to be better and have more gratitude.

We are currently in our winter season, and I have been reminded of how blessed I am to have a roof over my head, heat, hot water, and food. When I sit and think of how many people out in this world are facing problems and are in lack of the things, I think are small to me, it breaks my heart. What may not be your problems might be somebody else's. I remember all the dark times when suicide crossed my mind, but as I think to myself right now, there are so many people around the world fighting for their lives. We are in a pandemic, people are facing disease and illnesses every day, I am blessed to be here! My problems are still valid, but the fact of the matter is everybody has problems, some big yet some small. I recently had to sit back and wonder why my life has been spinning so out of control the past few weeks. I concluded that God would shake up our lives sometimes to give us the clarity we need. I needed to be still and open my eyes to seeing all the work god has already done in my life. I remember the times I had once prayed to be living the life I currently live, and to have the things I now have.

When we are dealing with conflict and struggles, we tend to lose sight of our gratitude and even kindness to ourselves for how far we have come on our journey. Life has a never-ending flow of small miracles, the tinniest things we take for granted can be somebody else prayer. God gives us everything we need that will make us enough. We never lack anything, but we can look at it as we always have room for improvement to grow. We want more but how can we handle more when we are not thankful for what is already? The thing is when we learn to practice more gratitude, we open the doors for more abundance to flow into our lives. When we allow ourselves to have a grateful heart, we become magnetics to attract more miracles and greatness into our lives.

How can you learn to practice more gratitude? There are many ways you can begin to put gratitude into your everyday routine. Just like anything else, gratitude is a choice, and it must be implemented so it can become a natural habit. The best way to begin showing gratitude is to stop complaining. Start each day with some gratitude affirmations, thanking God and the universe for what you already have. You can also start a gratitude challenge, which can include of you doing more giving and servicing to your community and others in need. For example, you can donate clothes you no longer wear, do something nice, a favor for a friend or somebody in need, write to someone you love telling them how thankful you are for them, and you can bake or cook something for the homeless. Another way of practicing gratitude is to start a gratitude journal and set prompts to follow for each page. When we imply more gratitude into our life, we will organically begin to feel more happiness.

10 Gratitude Journal Prompt examples

  1. What made me smile today?

  2. Who helped me today or showed me appreciation?

  3. What I most enjoy in life is?

  4. Who am I thankful for?

  5. I feel most happy when?

  6. What positive emotions did I feel today?

  7. What recent obstacles have I overcome?

  8. What I love most in my life is?

  9. What insight did I gain today?

  10. What can I do to give more compassion?

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