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Every day we are overcoming in something in our lives. The definition of the word overcoming means to defeat or succeed in dealing with a problem or circumstance. Many of us around the world are trying to overcome fear, hopelessness, trauma, difficulty, health problems, and rejection or heartbreak, etc. We are in constant motion every day, and a part of our everyday life we are all dealing with at least one obstacle. So how do we begin to overcome what is in our way? I was listening to a TEDx talk by Nick Vujicic and he used this phrase that got me thinking. He said, " turning your walls into doors". That created a beautiful visualization in my mind on overcoming. We will come to face a roadblock or challenge at least once or more in our journey of life. How the situation gets handled is simply based off your choices. The way your prospective of the roadblock, leads to the determination of the outcome. If we were to look at these walls as doors instead of roadblocks, we have a higher chance of overcoming it.

The key to overcoming anything, comes from the power of our mind. What we choose to believe takes control of our circumstances. It is amazing how many thoughts a human mind can think in one day. It is averaged that humans have 12,00 to about 60,000 thoughts per day. Predicted to be that 80 % are negative. Half of our thoughts are also already thoughts we have previously been thinking the days before. A lot of the thoughts you think about yourself are not even the thoughts you created, but the words that somebody else told you. So many people gained the vision of themselves off the prospection of what other people think. I always stated the phrase "hurting people hurt people" often the bullies who are trying to tell other people who they are, do not know who they are. Are you somebody who lets other people’s words affect the way you think about yourself? If you are then you have become your true biggest enemy.

The worst thing about humanity is that everyone feels entitled to an opinion, or judgement against somebody else. When we look at people, we are quick to judge. If you see a disabled person, you might automatically assume "wow it must be so hard for them" or assume that they are not able, due to their physical disability. I have worked many years with people with disabilities of different kinds. I was a caregiver to them in their homes and I can say I learned from working with so many that many of them are the smartest people I met. The thing is we have all a disability, the disability of putting limitations on ourselves due to our circumstances. What we need to start beginning to believe, is that you are not your condition or circumstance! Your belief becomes your reality, so when you see yourself as not good enough, you won’t be good enough. When you believe that you are not strong enough, you will remain weak. If you think you are unable to tear down that wall, well then, the wall will remain a roadblock.

See the key to overcoming whatever you may be facing, is going to come from the power of your thoughts and belief system. Our minds are like a battlefield, and for some people it may be a prison. Out of those 12,00 to 60,000 thoughts a day, are you thinking thoughts that are keeping you hostage to your circumstances, or are you thinking strategies that are going to transform that wall to a door? The fact of the matter is that nonmatter what you condition, or hardship may be, you can overcome it if you believe you can. Our thoughts are affected by our choices, we are making choices every day and choosing what thoughts we are going to bring to life. The greatest manpower is our mind and our ability to make choices is our freedom. We hold the pen to our life story, what we choose to be written will be written.

When I first discovered the signs of my depression, my mindset in that battlefield was deficient. I gave life to the thoughts that I was not enough, not worthy, not strong enough, and I allowed myself to remain depressed because of these thoughts. Many times, I thought about suicide and how easy it will be to just take the easy way out and not have to face my problems anymore. I was a prisoner of my mind, because the more thought I gave into these thoughts, the more negative thoughts it produced. Every day it is a fight to reverse the negative thoughts in my head and alter it with positive thinking. But that is the choice I choose every day, to fight back and choose to be strong.

My choices allowed me to own my destiny, and I believe that I am not my condition of depression. I choose to believe that I am a warrior, and I will overcome my circumstances. So, you want to overcome those roadblocks and start making doors? you must choose to put yourself in position to take your control back. Choose to believe the thoughts you created about yourself. We all have the power to overcome if we choose to take on the fight. I hope today on this day that you are reminded of how strong you are, that you are beautiful, worthy, and you are not your conditions or circumstances. If you are someone who has thought of suicide, I hope you know you are meant to be here, and you have been created for a purpose. I hope every one of you choose to keep believing in yourselves and find your purpose. I hope you choose to stop chasing external validation and choose to love yourself and find what you were born for.

“I was born to heal the world with my words, and by overcoming my hardships, I am able to guide others through their darkness."

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