Emotion driven vs Goal driven

Updated: Apr 17

Are you feeling stuck in your routines? Are you feeling like you are doing so much but do not feel like you are achieving much? maybe it’s time you begin to analyze where is your motivation coming from? or if you have any at all.

What is motivation? It is the behavior that initiates, guides, or maintains goals. Motivation is a condition inside of us and gives us a drive. It is very easy to determine wither you have it or not. Have you been having trouble waking up in the morning? Having difficulty managing your time? Feeling like you are not getting anything done each day? If your answer is yes, then you are lacking motivation. Motivation can be inspired but it must be created within yourself. How can you begin to inherit motivation you wonder? Here are some tips that I use when I am feeling less motivated.

1. Go to sleep early: the benefits of this allows me to get a full night’s sleep in, which scientifically is proven to increase the body’s energy level.

2. Wake up earlier: In reference to the first step, number one will help you with number two. If you are someone who works at a sluggish pace, setting yourself up to have more time in your day, will begin to allow you to accomplish more of your task.

3. Eat healthier: again, it is scientifically proven that the foods we put into our body can affect our energy. If you are someone who eats a lot of fast food, you lean more to the sleepy, itis feeling side. Those who tend to eat healthier are obtaining the proper nutrients for the body, which will increase the body’s energy levels.

4. Move your body: Wither you go to the gym, workout at home, or go running, make sure you are moving your body and getting some form of exercise. By doing so, you are delivering oxygen and nutrients to your tissues which helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. When your heart and lung health improve, you have more energy to tackle daily chores.

5. Listen to someone who inspires you: It can be any type of motivational speaker if you are spiritual or religious it may be your favorite pastor. When we hear about other people’s success it can trigger our psyche to strive to obtain our own personal success.

6. Read: I am a 100% believer in law of attraction, and I believe what we put into our minds everyday can either add value to our goals and mission, or it can affect us in a negative way.

Mindset, habits, and routines are the foundations to success

“What you think, you become"
"What you feel, you attract"
"What you imagine, you create" - Buddha

When you master motivation, you can begin to learn to master your productivity. There are wo types of drives, emotion driven, and goal driven. What does it mean if you are emotion driven? It means that you act out of your impulse brain more than your rational side of your brain. To be in touch with our feelings is a good thing but it can also affect us, when we do not know how to control them. I remember when I was in my teenage years, I always acted out of my impulse. I would do what felt right in the moment but never thought about the long term affects. I often let my feelings get the best of me as well, so if something within my day made me upset it would ruin my vibration for the remaining of the day. We are humans and it is in our nature to be emotional beings. Our emotional side of our brain processes everything that happen to us first. If someone was to yell at us, it is normal to have feelings in objection to that person’s behavior. How we choose to handle the outcome of our behavior simply comes from how we choose to channel our emotions.

A goal driven person focuses on relevant information and ignores distractors. They can focus on tasks and have the action to stepping forward to achieve their goals. A goal driven person makes decisions with their end goal in mind first. A goal-oriented person will have a plan, understand structure, is grounded in knowledge, has a realistic outlook, and planning a sequence of goals that acts as steps towards a long-term objective. What is the difference between the two is the ability to control our behavior. Everything we do is a behavior, and it can be beneficial or affective. An emotion driven person tends to have the behavior of lacking self-control, this can be outburst, yelling, easily frustrated, and eventually leads to a bad attitude. A goal driven behavior is more on the positive side, focused, organized, motivated, efficient time management.

Can you improve either of the two? The answer is yes. If you are emotion driven, learning your triggers and impulses is the first step to detecting the behaviors you need to improve. Habit training is the best form of practice to get rid of old behaviors and implement new ones. Being able to detect these situations helps develop emotional intelligence and self-awareness. When you master the improvement on those two, you will begin to bring both your rational side of your brain and your emotionally side into alignment. Now that you mastered how your brain works, you can begin to implement steps to being goal driven. Some tips I have found useful are:

1. Having a calendar: this allows me to stay organized in both my work and personal life.

2. Creating a to do list: Successful people understand that establishing time management will help you succeed in accomplishing your task and increase your motivation.

3. Planning: Break down projects or bigger goals and create your blueprint, a step-by-step process helps you develop more productive habits, and gives you the ability to track your progress.

By doing these things everyday you will begin to see self-improvement, which will eventually lead to you being more effective in achieving your goals.

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