Dealing with your emotions vs brushing them off

Updated: Apr 17

There comes a time when we need to come in touch with our emotions. When somebody ask you how are you? You often probably just tell them you are okay, but are you? Have you ever sat yourself down and looked at your inner well being and ask yourself how are you feeling?

As human beings we have emotions for a reason, we are supposed to feel our feelings, even the most painful ones. What happens when we brush our emotions away? we create more problems. Sometimes our feelings can lead to real physical problems when they go un resolved. Physical problems can include health issues, mental health issues, and the most leading result being addictions.

Emotions are also part of our neuroscience, it is psychological state that consist of thoughts, behavioral responses, and feelings. How we act is often based off how we are feeling. When we are happy, we might go shopping vs when we are sad we may decide to lay in bed all day and eat a jug of ice cream. If people would analyze how they are feeling, they will have a better outcome on their behavioral aspect. Do you ever wonder why certain authority comes off as the "bitchy" boss, usually it is a reflection of the amount of stress and workload pressure they are under in their emotions. The bullies in school are the usually the kids who suffer from other issues at home. What happens is the bully does not know how to channel their emotions so instead they reflect it by causing pain to others because deep down pain is what they are feeling.

Pain has a scientific way of showing in our bodies. What happens when your body reacts to pain is, the first response is to activate pain receptors. These pain receptors release chemicals into our body which holds a message. The physical message from the initial signal of pain wither it be an injury or anything such as an heartbreak travels to your brain, which is where your brain receives the message and sends the feeling of pain back into your body. This is why we feel pain right away, it does not take hours to feel instant pain, our bodies react to these signals right away. Our body may be the initial part of our body that gets hurt but it is our brain that signals that hurt and responds to it.

What happens when we choose to brush away our problems vs dealing with them? we can encounter mental health issues. Depression being the main mental health issue in the world followed by anxiety. I believe the main cause of depression is hidden emotions that been buried away for so long. Eventually these feelings become suppressed, and since nothing is meant to be kept in, what we choose to hide away, will always find its way to resurface. You may be someone who keeps your feelings under the surface, trying to protect yourself. You may think you are safe from others on the outside but in reality the monster you will later have to face is yourself. Sometimes people choose to close themselves off from feeling, you might be experiencing the emotion of fear, because you are scared to get hurt again.

The thing about emotions is that no matter how hard we try, we can not run from the feeling of "feeling". You may be good at hiding how you feel, but emotions are part of our human nature. Why not choose to face your emotions? Feel those emotions and feel them deeply. The sooner you decide to encounter them instead of brushing them away, the sooner you can heal from that feeling and experience. Do you believe it is possible for somebody to shut off their emotions? I believe it can be done temporarily, but those moments you are left alone with yourself and nothing but your thoughts, that is when the feelings will resurface. Many people in this world are numb because they encountered more pain than some others did in a lifetime. These are the kind of people who choose to flip the switch and turn off their emotions.

I get why it would make sense to not want to feel anything because all you seem to encounter is pain, but when you decide to be emotionless, you are also blocking the other good emotions from being felt. The happiness, joy, laughter, love, you are choosing to miss out on these because you decide to let the emotion of fear take over. I remember when I was letting the emotion of fear, run my life because I was scared to deal with pain. I closed myself off from feeling for years, until one day I had an emotional trigger. An emotional trigger can be anything that pertains to a memory, experience or event from the past. Have you ever been listening to a throw back song, and instantly you get a flash back of a memory wither it being a certain person the song can remind you of or a place you were when you heard this song before? that can be an emotional trigger based on the person, memory or event that occurred.

For me I had a new experience but it was very similar to an old one and this caused me an emotional trigger. All the emotions I had hidden away from the first event surfaced and I became so overwhelmed with a bunch of emotions. It took me some time to figure out where all of these feelings were coming from. What really happened to me when this occurred was a rebirthing in me. It was finally time to face my emotions. Sometimes we just need to come into the awareness that we are not okay, and determine the possibility that we have inner work that needs to be done. We must stop lying to not just others but most importantly to ourselves. We try to brush past the emotions we encounter from situations and just move on with life as if those encounters never happened. This does not implement our healing process but instead puts a hold on it.

Today, I want you to practice this meditation. Sit somewhere quiet and just be still. Block of any thoughts, noise, any distractions. Focus on your heart, dig deep into your inner self, and ask yourself "What emotions have I hidden away?" "What do I need to let out?" "What emotions and feelings have I put on hold that I need to heal from?" The choice is yours today to choose if you want to keep brushing away your feelings and go the numb route or face your emotions and allow yourself to feel so you can begin to feel the emotions that serve purpose to your life.

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