A road block is not a final destination

Updated: Apr 17

Are you letting a obstacle stop you from reaching your next level of success? We experience hardships in our life, but the key to reaching our breakthroughs is to keep pushing foward.

I was on my way home from work, and at the light of the intersection there was a car accident. 4 cop cars had the road blocked off, all the other cars were still trying to go in four different directions, it was total chaos. I was stuck there for about 20 minutes waiting for the cop to direct traffic. While I was sitting here, I was staring at my GPS which was telling me the direction I had to go, which turned out to be the one cut off.

I find it amazing how GPS will tell you different directions you can take to get to one destination. You can have the toll option, a toll-free option, highway, or side streets, and somehow you end up in the same destination. In this current situation I knew that if I were to redirect myself and go down another street, somehow, I will find a road that will get me back on track to get me home.

This situation had me thinking about how life works out the same way. Just because the direction I was heading in was blocked off, it did not mean I could not get to my destination. Sometimes in life we go down paths trying to get to our destiny, but we come across Roadblocks. The roadblocks do not mean that the journey is over and that your destination cannot be reached, it’s simply means you must find another way.

I used to be so hard on myself when i would end up in roadblock situations or the times I realized I have taken the wrong path. Overtime with experience, I’ve come to realize that I had to practice more gratitude with myself and be more forgiving because just like the earth was created with multiple roads, our paths were created with multiple injections as well. I believe sometimes we get too caught up in trying to get the results or make it to the end point, that we lose sight of the beauty in the journey.

Road blockages aren’t always a bad thing if you look at it from a positive perspective, sometimes roadblocks can be a blessing. Have you ever thought that maybe the way you were going wasn’t the way you were supposed to be going? Maybe the universe or God had a different way planned. For the most part when I go to work, I always take the same route, go down the same road and take the same highway. It is the times when traffic is heavy on the highway that I’ll often take an alternative back road. 9 out of 10 times I stumble across a cute restaurant I’ve never seen before, beautiful dream homes, and just new sceneries.

This is when I begin to have gratitude for taking new directions. So many times, I have taken outlandish directions on my life excursion, and I can count how many things I was grateful for in those journeys. I’ve come across the most amazing people, built memories, and had unique experiences. The most popular saying is “minor setback for a major come back” sometimes we are meant to fall off track. I catch myself thinking sometimes “wow if this never happened then that would’ve never happened” and “if this happened than that would’ve not happened” Everything happens for a reason including those roadblocks. I believe we need to be redirected at times and find another way to make It happen to prove our dedication to getting what we want.

If I would have sat in my car stuck at the intersection that was cut off today, I would have never made It home.

“Just because obstacles come up in your life does not mean you are meant to stay there. Life will throw you curve balls, some more times than others. You must trust that there is always another way. You made It this far, to give up and stay here. Evaluate your situation and find another way to make It happen!"

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