Just Do It

I don't refer to nike when I mention "Just Do It" but I refer to life in general. It's time to finally start taking action in your life and put your money where your mouth is. If you never heard that statement before it means to take action. We like to blame people for the lack we have in our life, typically trying to blame our parents. "If my mother was not a drug addict and raised me better, I would have been better off in life" "If my dad did not abuse me I would know how to have healthy relationships" "If my mom saved money for me when I was younger I could of had a house by now." We could list a million excuses here on this page as to why you think you and your life is so shitty.

The truth is maybe those things are kind of true, but the real fact of the matter is that it does not matter where you begin in life but the choices you make. We are in control of which direction our lives go simply by our decision making. Your ending is what matters most in life. Majority of people have the ability to choose to change their life around at any point. You can choose to not end up like your parents by making the choice to do better. So your parents and nobody in your family ever attended college, then make the choice to be the first. Your father decided to walk out on his family, make sure you are a better father to your own kids. Your family grew up in low poverty, then make the choice to have a great career that pays well.

Everything in life is a consumption of choices. Somehow they all end up linking together, that's why many times your parents or caregivers told you growing up to make smart choices. Life is kind of like a big game of chess, if you move the wrong piece you can possibly loose the game. But on the other hand, it can be like a game of playing cards. It does not matter the hand you was given but the strategy you use to play those cards in the game. I am a lover of card games, it taken me a while to learn different strategies to still win the game no matter how shitty the cards in my hand may have been. I like to look at life in that same perspective, because many of us are handed terrible experiences that are meant to break us. I like to think of life as a game of knowledge because we are often tempted, tricked, and thrown off our game.

When it comes down to it, it matters how smart and wise you are to get yourself back on track. Two months ago I finished reading "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective people." In the book Stephen R. Covey said "Start with the end in mind" and what that means is to visualize your future, what career do you have? what car are you driving? what kind of house do you live in? what kind of people are you friends with? and begin working from that perspective. It made so much sense to me as to why this would be a good habit to make someone effective. Often times we are stuck on our past, what our ex-boyfriends did to us when they broke our heart, what our best friends did when they betrayed us, what our parents did or did not do in our childhood. We get caught up being stuck in what already happened and it keeps us from moving on in our life.

When you start with the end in mind, you already have a clear picture of the life you desire. It is easier to make choices that align with those outcomes. If you envision yourself being an author, then start with a writing workshop. If you see yourself married and starting a family, then get on that dating website and leave your house. You can begin taking action in the right direction when you know where you want to end up. If you know you do not want to end up like your drug addict parent then you know you want to stay far away from drugs. Sometimes people think by just taking action they are being productive. The truth is you can be making the wrong decisions because the choices you make do not align with your end goal.

In this game of life there will be times when we have to do certain things we may not really want to be doing. For example that 9-5 job that you hate so much but it pays you so well and you are able to pay your bills. I'm not saying choices are going to be easy, and everything is going to be exactly what we want, because that is not realistic. What is realistic is having a clear image in your head as to what you want for yourself and what kind of life do you want to live? Those are two very big important self-reflection questions that you may need to constantly check in on. You need to know what actions you need to be taking to reach the outcomes you envision. It's time to stop letting fear, self-doubt, or traumas from your past dictate the life you live.

When I say just do it, I mean do that business you been thinking about doing, write that book you been wanting to write, book that vacation you been dreaming of taking, go find your soulmate, have that baby you want to have. Start taking action towards the things you want in life, because time is only going to continue to pass by. If you don't already know, then start figuring out what are your goals and dreams? ask yourself those two important questions I listed above and really give yourself time to think and map out what direction your life is going in. You are tired of your shitty life, then it is time to make it not so shitty and chase after what's going to fulfill you and make you happy.



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