Living With Grace

Hey friends, its been a while and first I will like to start my post off by thanking you for stopping by and taking time out to read my post, it truly warms my heart how much support my blog receives. I have been witnessing my blog reaching everyone of you in places all around the world; it fills my heart to see the lives my post can inspire. That is the overall goal.

Recently I have been receiving such heart touching comments about my personal self-love and development journey, which led me inspired to help others around the world learn the things I have learned, so they can improve their lifestyle. Today I write this post with one of the secrets I discovered and implemented in my life recently, living with grace. These past couple of months I have been a testimony to gods miracles and goodness in this world. The most valuable lesson from the very start of this year, is how precious life is. We go through life in this cycle of just learning to simply survive, often leading us to loosing sight of how beautiful life is.

When we were created, god created us to his perfect design, he made us whole despite the life story he designed for us. Our greatest gift is ourselves, and life! I experienced so much pain in my short life span, and I won't doubt that I won't continue to experience more pain along the way. Life is the greatest blessing that I can say not many people are even blessed with. I hear of women who have miscarriages, deaths of babies, people dying everyday young children, teens, and adults. We have a time here on this earth, why not choose to live everyday with grace and love?

People all around the world are facing different challenges, and some more unbearable than others. Some of the things that are taking place in this world right now is truly heart breaking. It opened my eyes to seeing how many little things I have in my life that I been overlooking. Some of the most painful experiences I have been through made me not even want to be here anymore. I wake up with so much joy everyday, thankful that I chose to stay here and for god allowing me to see another day. I watched a movie yesterday based on the true story of John Smith, a young boy back in 2015 who drowned in a lake after playing on ice with his friends. It was a miracle he was found by the EMT and a miracle how he was brought back to life after having no pulse for 55 minutes.

I love hearing stories like this, it makes me believe how I am not crazy for the amazing things I witnessed god do in my personal life. Since the covid pandemic we lost so many people and people are still getting sick and fighting for their lives. I used to question everything about life, I let all the bad things that happened to me put me in a place. I began to overlook all the good. We go through hardships, pain, and suffering and there is no explanation as to why those things happen, but I believe that just as much there is bad in life there is also so much good.

Recently I been facing a custody battle for my daughter and it broken my heart to not have her here with me for the past couple of months. But, I remember the days I prayed for god to help my baby father step up and be a better dad because how much my little girl deserves that. At first I spent days and nights hating him. Until god reminded me that even out of all the ugly I dealt with him; I been blessed with a beautiful and amazing little girl. Looking at my situation with grace I pray that god blesses us both with the ability to raise our daughter and learn how to coparent.

I thank god that even what might have been a difficult situation for me, was an important moment for my daughter to be able to build a bond with her father. This took me a couple of months to finally reflect and see all the good that was in the ugliness. For the past two months I made it my mission to live everyday with grace. To live in grace means to experience our burdens being lifted from us from time to time; that our passage becomes smoother and more enjoyable, even when conditions seem hard to bear. I take a look at the things I have in my present life that I once did not have, or the things that improved.

When its time to clean my apartment instead of complaining and dreading it I look at the task as a blessing, because I am lucky enough to have a home. When its time to cook dinner I take the task on with joy because I am blessed to have food in my fridge. Instead of complaining about always catering to my man I thank god everyday he brought me someone to love and be loved by. Because of the times I remember when I faced eviction, when I went a couple of days with no food in the fridge with barely any money to buy food and needed to wait for that next check. I remember the days I cried in loneliness, praying for god to bless me with a good man. Those memories help open my eyes to how much I can be grateful for everyday.

My life has not magically gotten rid of all my hardships, the darkness still rises from time to time, and just like every human being I have emotions that sometimes gets the best of me. We all experience bad and down times in our life, but when you choose to live with grace, you can still find the beauty in the ugliest circumstances. Isaiah 61:3 states " Provide for those who mourn in zion, bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of despair." This is who our god is! life is still so beautiful in many ways regardless of the battles we face, choose to open your eyes and see through the lens of living with grace.

love always,

Sj Soler

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