Shedding Old Layers

Hi Friends,

Sorry it has been a while since I've written, I been battling writers block and have been stuck in this uncreative groove over the past couple of weeks. If you are a writer or any form of creative you can probably relate. We get sucked up into our daily lives and sometimes it is hard to get back into our creative element. Today's message of inspiration is based off what I have recently been facing in real life. The process of change is uncomfortable and can be painful sometimes. As a follower of christ, I been tapping back into my higher spirit and been praying more again. I never stop being amazed on how god seems to send me messages.

I always felt my life was a rollercoaster ride and I never fully understood why that was until today. The past couple of years of dedicating myself to my self-development journey has definitely been a journey. Although I felt as if I was going through major changes, yet I still felt patterns and circumstances was repeating itself in different forms. What I learned is that changing environments, apartments, social groups, jobs, and careers, was not going to give me the big break of change I needed in my life. What I really needed to change was myself. Although there are all connected in someway, the real change needed to be done within.

What does inner change consist of you wonder? Character traits, reactions, behaviors, habits, these are the types of changes that truly contribute to transforming your life. I could not expect certain new blessings to come into my life, when I was still stuck in old unhealthy habits. I been dabbling in and out of walking on a new path and still dipping my feet into old situations that no longer contribute to my future. In my book "Flowers Grow Out of my Grave" that is currently in the process of being published, Ive written a chapter on the art of letting go. Yet, somehow I still managed to forget my own knowledge of this process.

While we are here on this journey called life, we must understand when it is time for us to let go and shed old layers of who we once were, to become who we are destined to be. It gets exhausting to keep running in circles around the past and it only holds us back from what the future has in store for us. Change may be a tricky process and it has no time limit, but when it is done correctly you will begin to live in freedom. I was becoming disappointed in myself recently because I discovered my life's purpose and still fell off track, I knew right decisions from wrong and I still made bad choices. The key to this process though is being patient and kind with yourself.

Eliminating old habits and behaviors is not an overnight job. The process of shedding those old layers helps us to step out of our own way, but when we choose to try to have both we only create chaos in our life. I believe majority of us struggle with having patience, which leads us to staying comfortable with our past. You may be someone holding on to an old relationship because you lack patience of waiting to find your soul connection. Maybe you are choosing to continue to work dead end jobs because you lack the patience to go back to school to get your dream career. Patience almost always tends to be the root problem of not letting go.

I have been a mess for so many years, I was filled with so many problems so trust me when I say I understand how hard it is to work on yourself. But, the goal is to focus on one problem at a time. What is the root problem that is holding you back from your transformation in your life right now? Are you willing to dissect deep within to uncover those truths about yourself? or Are you comfortable being stuck on your current rollercoaster of life? If this message today hit you as hard as it hit me, I hope you choose to step forward into the uncomfortable of the unknown and begin to make the smallest of changes that is going to help you shed old layers.

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