Buried For Growth

Updated: Apr 17

You feel stuck, you feel as if you are trapped in the struggles of your life, lets gain a new perspective.

We find ourselves during the times of suffering thinking we have reached our end. Countless times I remembered feeling my pain being unbearable, the circumstances I was facing felt too difficult to overcome. I would often wonder if that was the time to give up. They say diamonds are created under pressure. We often feel like the pressure is breaking us, but instead it is molding us, shaping us, and preparing us for our next level.

I am a lover of flowers and plants, and I love all the beauty that nature has to offer. When I think of how the process of how flowers grow, it is not all beautiful. Think of the seed of the flower, when farmers plant the seed, they must burry the seed beneath the dirt of the earth. Do you think that the seed is under the earth not wanting to be there? It is their purpose in this world. The farmer then nurtures the seed by watering the seed. Results of the seed does not happen overnight or even within a day, but it takes weeks, months, until that seed grows. The farmer is responsible to keep tending to the seeds it has planted. Over time, with nurturing, the seeds will begin to grow. When I think of my life as me being the seed, I like to think the process of growth in my life as a flower seed.

Flowers when they begin to grow, they go through a cycle before they even reach the point of growth and even then, they still must continue to grow until they reach the point of blossoming. The growing stage is called germination, when the seed absorbs the water, it swells breaking the seeds coat. The most important part of a plants structure begins with its roots. Which is the next step of the germination process. After the radicle (root) is anchored into the ground, it then sends a plumule above the ground. Do you believe this process is not as painful as to facing hardships and obstacles in your life?

I wanted to paint this picture in your head as you read this blog, because sometimes the pain does get overbearing and begins to cloud our mindsets. We all need reminders that not every process is meant to break us or push us to the end. Some processes no matter how painful, is a gift from the universe to help us grow in ways that we could have not been able to without those hardships. Sometimes we try to determine our growth only by the results, but plants do not stop growing after their first sprout, the process continues. Although it is a process it is still a beautiful transition, your life journey is just as beautiful. During the growing stage it is still required to nourish the plant by continuing to water the plant, and make sure it is getting the proper light that is required.

If we were to treat ourselves as if we were flowers when we are undergoing our growing stage. Instead of losing yourself through the midst of trouble, endure it, nurture yourself, love yourself little more. The best thing we can do is take care of ourselves even more when we are under pressure. Although it is hard to always be so strong, find ways to remind yourself that what you are going through is a transition and it is temporary. I decided to name this blog after my first self-help book that is publishing the end of 2022. When I first written the book, it was just written as my journaling entries. I was in a transitioning place in my life, one that I have never previously experienced before. I loved the name because we usually think of graves as just a place of death, but Jesus the son of god has risen from the dead, and the bible states in Isaiah 41:10 "Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand".

Right now, you may be buried under the pressure, under the pain, and you may feel like this is the end. I want to reassure you that this is just the beginning! you are in a growing stage, and you may not understand everything and sometimes we might not get the clarity we want but trust the process! Flowers takes time before they bloom and show their results of what they have gone through. You are just like a rose bud pushing up from the earth, under the divine right timing you will bloom.

Grow With Grace

“The storms are needed to water the seeds that have been planted so they can grow"

“Your story will one day be your legacy”

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