The Act of Taking Action

Updated: Jul 31

Are you tired of living in a "that could be me" mindset? Are you always wondering "what if"? well then this blog post is for you.

Growing up on the less fortunate side made it easy to stay stuck in this kind of mindset for many years. Growing up I remember times where I was obsessed with window shopping, going to stores to just look at all the things I wanted but knew my mother could not afford to get me. I became a dreamer always thinking what if one day I can actually have all those nice things. As I gotten older I knew it was time to stop just being a dreamer and chase after the things I wanted in my life. The truth is for most of us, things don't come to us easy and we have to put in the work to get what we want. I would have loved to be born into a rich family and have everything handed to me but that is not my story, and maybe it's not yours either.

There is so much beauty getting it out the mud and going through the grind. I have to admit I probably would not have the same amount of gratitude if everything I ever wanted was so easily handed to me. If I am going to be honest here; nothing ever came easy for me in life. Most of you can relate and you know how it feels to have your dreams crushed, hopes and wishes not be fulfilled, and experience falling on your face several times. But, imagine if you just did nothing at all, simply just waited around for god and the universe to send you all your desires. If this is your plan for life, I am sorry to burst your bubble but you will die waiting for this to happen because the truth is that's not how this thing called life works.

See if I bring out my spiritual warfare I will remind you that scripture promises god will reward every act done in faith. The key is the "act" no where in the Bible does it state god will reward you for doing nothing. Everyone loves a good reward, you probably have a reward program set up for all your favorite stores, the grocery store you shop at, your credit card companies. Never will you experience any of those programs giving you free rewards just because they think you are great. It works by you being a loyal customer who shops and spends money frequently in their business. We have to put in the work to receive the reward. The grind and work you have to put in differs with everyone. God has different plans for each and every one of us, so what is required for may be different than your neighbor.

When you begin to live your life by this one rule "the act of taking action" you will slowly see how your life can transform. When I first got the desire to become a self-development coach I would watch different coaches on YouTube or instagram and constantly think "that could be me" at first for a while I procrastinated with getting started. Until one day I had a serious talk with myself and came to awareness that my career was not going to start until I started it. I knew it was time to start taking action, and the best thing to do is to start small. It does not matter what the action is but the first major step is to do something! that is when you will begin to step away from your limiting beliefs and the stuck mindset thinking that it can't happen for you.

The truth is that it can and it will always begin with you choosing to start taking steps. When I started creating my business it was very difficult, I had so much to learn and at first I had no idea what I was doing and honestly I still wonder if I am doing this thing right. The one thing I am certain about is that I am working everyday and taking action to create my dream life. It is not no where near where I want it to be, and it is a hard work in progress but I feel great knowing that I can say I do not lay in my bed all day doing nothing, staying in my misery of wondering why my dreams are not coming true. I am choosing to show up everyday and try and that is enough for me and it can be for you too.

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